USSSA Revises Rules for “Thumbprint” Bat Stamps

We at Mattingly Sports know there is a lot of confusion out there in regards to the recent rule changes by USSSA for their baseball and softball leagues.  To help clarify as much as possible, we thought we would share USSSA’s latest “short version” bat rules.  Of course, these only apply to leagues and tournaments sanctioned by USSSA.  Rules for other associations differ.  We have also received a few questions from customers about “stamping” their bats.  Please understand that the USSSA has not and will not approve any marking of used bats.

Hope this is helpful to anyone who has questions regarding the new USSSA stamps.  Any questions regarding the policy should be sent directly to the USSSA or one of their official representatives.

– Mike from Mattingly

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3 responses to “USSSA Revises Rules for “Thumbprint” Bat Stamps

  1. SO is the new mark actually BLUE? I am certainly not going out to buy yet another “approved” bat only to have the rules changed yet again. Seems that someone is making a pretty big profit on these new rules– hmm maybe the bat manufacturers?? Make a decision and stick with it already…Parents cannot afford to run out and buy new bats everytime these guys decide to change thier “approval seal”… Get real.

    • The article posted makes no mention of the stamp’s color. This was simply a clarification of the rule changes that were previously announced by the USSSA because they had heard false reports that there would be a “stamping program” of some type. This is not the case. If you currently have an approved bat with the proper stamp there is no need to buy a new one.

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