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The Outfield

Move over New York. Excuse me Boston. Sorry Tampa Bay. The 2012 season is still relatively new, but let’s face the truth. The American League East Division, once the dominant, most exciting division in the Major Leagues is, well, stale. High payrolls no longer buy what they apparently used to. New York currently sits at .500. The most significant news out of Boston is the hangover from last season, (sorry, no pun intended).

Tampa Bay is a puzzling club at this point. Most expect more from the Rays considering the rotation they field. Yet, Tampa Bay can’t seem to squeeze past .500. With players like BJ Upton on the DL, manager Joe Maddon has work to do.

The dominance of clubs like the Yankees and Boston is beginning to fade. The season is still young, however the troubles in the Boston clubhouse won’t disappear overnight. The aging Yankees need to establish consistency. The addition of pitcher…

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Thought everyone might find this interesting!

Baseball 4 All

Eddie Gaedel (Edward Carl Gaedel) was an American with dwarfism that became famous in the 50´s for being the shortest person to participate in the major leagues, he was 3 feet and 7 inches tall (a bit more than a meter tall), and 65 pounds. He played ONE game with the St. Louis Browns the 19th of august of 1951 against the Detroit Tigers in the 50th aniversary of the American League. His jersey had the number “1/8” and is in the Baseball Hall of Fame.

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Batting Stances: 2009 Yankees – YouTube

Batting Stances: 2009 Yankees – YouTube.

An oldie but a goodie… this video never gets old.

Wish they had old Donnie in there though… maybe that will be our next request?

– Mike from Mattingly

Drew Brees vs. Derek Jeter

So… had a little question floating around the office:

Which is a more impressive feat:

Drew Brees throwing a touchdown to break Marino’s record or Derek Jeter hitting a home run for his 3000th hit?

We say Jeter.

What do you think?

Leave us a comment below and vote in our Facebook poll.

– Mike from Mattingly

Thanks Jake for bringing this up.