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Mattingly Saber Fastpitch Softball Bat Review and Photo Gallery

Another new video from our friend Adam over at eSoftballBatReviews.com.  They are  doing a great job with all their videos so you should swing by and check them out!  This video is for our Mattingly round handle Saber.

Adam also has a page for baseball bats:  eBaseballBatReviews.com

Mattingly Saber Fastpitch Softball Bat Review and Photo Gallery | esoftballbatreviews.com.

– Mike from Mattingly

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Mattingly Sports “Four BBCOR” Giveaway!

For the next three weeks we’ll be giving away one of each of our BBCOR models to a lucky winner online.  You can swing over to our Facebook page to enter NOW!  And if you are a coach you can send an email to marketing@mattinglybaseball.com to request info about our BBCOR team deal program.


Four BBCOR Contest

– Mike from Mattingly

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Mattingly Ripped V-Grip Fastpitch Softball Bat Review and Photo Gallery

Another big thanks to our friend Adam over at esoftballbatreviews.com for this great video of our V-Grip Ripped Softball bat!  Grab one today, you won’t be disappointed.


– Mike from Mattingly


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MLB Alumni Players Association Dinner

Mike StanleyI attended the MLB Alumni Players Association Dinner a few months ago; Donnie was among the award winners this year. Among other former and current players I had the pleasure of meeting Mike Stanley. Mike was a teammate of Donnie’s in the early 90’s when they both played for the Yankees.

Mike had a lot of interest in Mattingly Sports and in particular our new BBCOR -3 bats. Since he is coaching his son’s high school baseball team in Florida he knows very well that all high school players will need to use BBCOR bats exclusively effective January 2012. His players as well as many high school players across the country are trying to find the BBCOR bat that feels right for them.

We sent Mike both V-Grip and round handle bats to demo with his players and they were met with an overwhelming approval. After trying out the bats Mike sent me a note saying:

My son put the bats thru a few days in the cages and he loves them. He liked the V-Grip on the Ripped, but liked the Demon for the way he felt the ball came off the bat. I was able to pry them away from him to let the other guys swing em today and the majority were singing the praise of the V-Grip. Only one of the kids couldn’t get use to the V-Grip and liked the round handle Demon. Good thing you guys have both grips to offer!!!!

A few weeks later Mike sent in orders for most of his players:

“Bat orders are coming in. The kids love the bats! The V-Grip has been very popular. I also heard a comment about how balanced they were. This one kid hadn’t felt that kind of balance in any other BBCOR.”

Our BBCOR bats have been getting great reviews if you are a high school player or if you know one feel free to pass the word – the Mattingly BBCOR Bats – Ripped and V-Force with the V-Grip and Saber and Demon with round handles are just flat out hot!!

– Jim F. from Mattingly

Jim Falco is the current CFO and VP of Back Office Operations for Mattingly Sports.  He is also on the board of directors for Mattingly Charities, a Mattingly organization that works to bring sporting equipment to underprivileged youths around the world.  

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A Little Mattingly Love!

So, we’ve had a lot of submissions from fans over the past year of some really great Mattingly memorabilia and we figured that it would be great to show the world.  You can check out more pictures here.

Thanks to Richie Alava (@Robric819) for the pictures of his extensive Donnie Baseball collection, Jojo (@jottino) for her AWESOME hoodie design (which we are STILL trying to get permission to print!), and Carolyn S. (@baseballchickie) for her tattoo pics!

Got some great Mattingly memorabilia, skin art, custom designed clothing, or anything else having to do with The Hit Man himself?

We’d love to see it… leave a comment below, email a picture to twitter@mattinglybaseball.com, or just post on our Facebook page!  You can also send pictures to us on Twitter or head over to Google+ and upload a snap shot.

And, on the off chance that you might actually need a baseball bat… well, just swing over to the Mattingly Sports website.

– Mike from Mattingly

Drew Brees vs. Derek Jeter

So… had a little question floating around the office:

Which is a more impressive feat:

Drew Brees throwing a touchdown to break Marino’s record or Derek Jeter hitting a home run for his 3000th hit?

We say Jeter.

What do you think?

Leave us a comment below and vote in our Facebook poll.

– Mike from Mattingly

Thanks Jake for bringing this up.

Welcome to Mattingly Nation

Hello Baseball Fan!  We’re glad you found us… 

This is our new Mattingly Nation blog.  We will be updating it with the newest developments from the Mattingly Sports world.  We hope to be able to bring you everything that happens in the office, in the world of baseball (and sports), and information to help you grow as a player, coach, or baseball / softball parent.

We’ll be filling out this blog in the coming months, but for now you can join us on our social networks (below) or browse our website.

Facebook:  www.facebook.com/mattinglysports

Twitter:  www.twitter.com/mattinglysports

YouTube:  www.youtube.com/mattinglysports

FourSquare:  www.foursquare.com/mattinglysports

Google+:  https://plus.google.com/b/104479868744417666091/

Thanks for taking the time to find us here and have a great holiday season!

– Mike
Digital Marketing
Mattingly Sports

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